What a smackdown!

Ouch. Last night on Sur­vivor, the Koror tribe got the best of both worlds. They got rid of Willard, who was a nice guy, but had to go before they could get rid of Karen, who they just have to get rid of as soon as they can. Plus, they smacked the oth­er tribe but good. First, Koror beat Ulong at the chal­lenge, but only after mak­ing it look like they might just lose. Then, at Trib­al Coun­cil they lip-smacked their way through reward stew and beer, while the Ulong stared at the hard, dusty ground. And then, to boot, they gave immu­ni­ty to Ibre­hem, Ulong’s marked man.

Beat­en, hun­gry, and hope­less, Ulong vot­ed a tie for Ang­ie and Bob­by Jon. Why they did­n’t vote out James, annoy­ing hill­bil­ly that he pro­fess­es to be, I just don’t know. In the tiebreak­er, Stephe­nie changed her vote and Ang­ie was out “unan­i­mous­ly.”

So now it is eight well-fed, rest­ed, nat­ter­ing play­ers vs. four hun­gry, des­per­ate, fer­al sur­vivors. I know who I would­n’t want to meet in a dark alley with a tub of KFC in my hands.

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