Time to clean out my office

I’ve been talk­ing about final­ly get­ting my office clean since… well, since we moved in almost two years ago. On that day, we deposit­ed box­es and box­es of stuff in the room that is my office. Just recent­ly, we man­aged to open and unpack those box­es, so that now I have a floor (on which I can put more stuff!).

But the real work has yet to be done. My desk has sev­er­al very tall piles of paper on it. Most of it, I’d say close to 95% of it, is just stuff that needs to be filed. Paid bills, instruc­tion man­u­als, receipts of rel­a­tive impor­tance. But mixed in there every once in a while I am sure to find a gem of a lost doc­u­ment. Still, I’ve prob­a­bly gone a year with­out that doc­u­ment, so it can’t be that impor­tant.

What’s push­ing me now is the arrival of tax time. I don’t know for sure, but I need to find out if there are any rel­e­vant tax doc­u­ments in these piles. I think there might be. Last year at tax time, I got away with it by mak­ing a list of the doc­u­ments I thought we need­ed, then find­ing those. This year I feel like I should find all the doc­u­ments first.

So it begins with…Aidan’s Nebras­ka Immu­niza­tion Record. The last record in there is Sep­tem­ber 17, 2003. I’m pret­ty sure he’s had a shot since then.

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