Awesome painting tip from Wally

The oth­er day (like two months ago) Tiffany hap­pened to let drop a paint­ing tip that (the much in demand Iowa City handy­man) Wal­ly had bestowed upon her at some point when we were liv­ing in Iowa. And I dare­say it is an awe­some paint­ing tip. Like, more than awe­some. It is incred­i­ble.

Here we go.

When you’re paint­ing your walls, and you fin­ish a coat of paint, and you’re going to

  1. wait for it to dry before recoat­ing
  2. paint anoth­er, com­pli­men­ta­ry col­or or shade on an adjoin­ing wall
  3. switch to a roller
  4. have a gin and ton­ic
  5. get out of the fumes so the pur­ple ele­phants stop both­er­ing you
  6. the Prince­ton Band

What do you do with your exist­ing paint­brush? Do you wash it?


You stick it in a plas­tic bag, and you put it in the freez­er. Awe­some! When you’re ready to paint again, you get it out, let it thaw a minute or two, and paint!

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