The payoff was good, too

That was a fun game to watch as a Red Sox fan.

There are many, many, many peo­ple out there who are more ded­i­cat­ed Red Sox fans than I am. This sea­son, I did not watch a sin­gle game until the fourth game of the ALCS. And even then I only caught the last few innings. (Actu­al­ly, I went to bed before it was over.) Last night, while watch­ing the piv­otal Game 7, I did­n’t start watch­ing until the third inning, and then I took a 45 minute break between innings 4 and 7 to watch Lost.

And yet, I do love base­ball, and there is no oth­er team to which I owe any alle­giance. Not like in foot­ball (the NFL kind) where I root for a half dozen teams, or soc­cer (foot­ball) where I fol­low a cou­ple of nations dur­ing the World Cups (the Mundi­al).

The Red Sox are the only base­ball team I care any­thing about. I attend­ed a few Paw Sox games while I was in col­lege, I own sev­er­al Red Sox caps, and have been to a Red Sox game. But I’d like to say that, even from that fair-weath­er post, it was a great game to watch.

Deliciously wonderful… if you’re a Red Sox fan

Tonight is Game 7 of the Amer­i­can League Cham­pi­onship Series (ALCS) between the New York Yan­kees and the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have pulled off what no oth­er team has ever done, com­ing back from a three-games-to-zero deficit to force a sev­enth game to decide the series. They have played hard, lucky, and long to get here, and they may very well mess it up tonight.

But in the mean­time, for those long-stand­ing and much trod­den Boston fans, here’s a deli­cious­ly snarky arti­cle about the Yan­kees, and how they are on the verge of becom­ing the first team in his­to­ry to blow a three-games-to-zero lead.

See: Choke of all chokes

So horribly embarrassing

So, yes, I played Dun­geons and Drag­ons. I still would, if I had the time, or the group of friends, or some­thing. I enjoyed the cre­ativ­i­ty, the friend­ship, the fun. I even kind of enjoyed the geek­i­ness of it all. Heck, I even attend­ed the annu­al con­ven­tion held by the com­pa­ny that owns Dun­geons and Drag­ons. Actu­al­ly, I guess it was there that I real­ized that I was but an ama­teur in the depths of D&D geek­i­ness to which one can sub­scribe. The cos­tumes, the car­ry­ing on in real life of char­ac­ters and plots, the seri­ous­ness with which some of the silli­ness is tak­en.

Now, on the 35th anniver­sary of the game, comes this. A gam­ing group that gets togeth­er to play on a week­ly basis has begun to make videos of their adven­tures. With cos­tumes. And “spe­cial” effects. You real­ly have to watch it to believe it. Yes, it is work-safe, but only if you’re not afraid of dying of embar­rass­ment. Even if you’ve nev­er heard of D&D, you can’t help but feel for these glo­ri­ous­ly geeky folks.

I can hard­ly stand it. I have to go watch it again.

[Note: yes, at first blush this looks like ama­teur­ish fetish porn, but as you watch they come across more like hope­less geeks and less like East­ern Euro­pean immi­grant hook­ers… I mean, the sheer geek­i­ness of the mag­ic mis­sile effects, and the flip-book giant cen­tipede… and the soft-focus horse-rid­ing… pure inno­cent genius.]

See: The trail­er for their adven­tures — low res and: The trail­er for their adven­tures — high res and: The Dun­geon Majesty web site

This is why people turn to the Daily Show for news

I did not get to see it when it aired, but all the buzz is about Jon Stew­art’s appear­ance on CNN’s Cross­fire show this week­end. He reg­u­lar­ly lam­basts (lam­poons?) them on his show (The Dai­ly Show on Com­e­dy Cen­tral) and was invit­ed on to… what? Shout at them? That’s all the Cross­fire guests seem to do. You could see how frus­trat­ed he was get­ting.

Any­way, linked below is prob­a­bly the best account of it, and they have a link to the video. It is very much worth watch­ing.

See: Ars Tech­ni­ca’s arti­cle on the Cross­fire appear­ance

Strange Neighbors

More pol­i­tics. In the lat­est polling data, Illi­nois is going for Ker­ry by 16%. Indi­ana, right next door, is going for Bush by 13%. How does some­thing like that hap­pen? They share a very long bor­der. There’s have to be some cross-pol­li­na­tion, no? It can’t all be Chica­go, can it?

This election is going to kill me

I’m not sure I can take fif­teen more days of this. After the debates, Ker­ry closed the gap in polling. But after the third debate, polls showed Bush ahead by as much as 8%. Then today, anoth­er poll shows them tied at 45%. Plus, there’s a lot of Inter­net chat­ter about how bad polling is as a way of deter­min­ing what the nation/state/city/block thinks. And with sev­en mil­lion over­seas vot­ers, and peo­ple with cell phones only (who don’t get polled) and tons of new­ly reg­is­tered vot­ers (on both the Dark side and the Light side) who also don’t get count­ed… well, I don’t know what to think.

Bat­ten the hatch­es, donate mon­ey, plant that yard flag, take a neigh­bor to the polls.

See: My favorite polling info site

I find myself cautiously optimistic

Yes, after the dabate I found myself sur­prised and a lit­tle hope­ful. And in the last few days since the debate I find myself ter­ri­bly per­plexed by the peo­ple who think Bush won the debate. What does it take to be that biased? What must the rest of your life be like?

Any­way. I am look­ing for­ward to the Vice-Pres­i­den­tial debate.