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  • I’m com­plic­it, I think

    You’d think, since I work in pol­i­tics that I a) would not be shocked by any­thing any­more, and b) would feel like I’m already doing plen­ty to right the ship.

    Appar­ent­ly, you’d be wrong. a) I am aghast at the blink-blink reac­tion of much

  • Mul­ti-Par­ty Local Elec­tions?

    I had an idea, read­ing an arti­cle on why nobody votes in local elec­tions, and how some of it is that those elec­tions are non-par­ti­san, and there­fore vague, dif­fi­cult, or unim­por­tant to vot­ers.

    What if, when or if local elec­tions became par­ti­san, the

  • If you like The Clash…

    If you like some songs by The Clash, lis­ten to some today. Why not? Get reac­quaint­ed with their bro­ken Span­ish, deep lyrics, and ska-styled youth-out­­­rage. Start with Some­thing About Eng­land, for its hor­rif­ic rel­e­vance to today.

    If you like The Clash, you can’t