SXSW 2014 Cover Art is Posted

I have just posted this year’s album art for SXSW, the Music festival in Austin in eleven days.

But all is not well. SXSW has offered one track from each artist as a download (as a .torrent) since at least 2005. According to the Unofficial SXSW Torrents site, while there are a small number of tracks available so far, SXSW has decided to put the files up on Soundcloud, instead. Soundcloud works hard to prevent capture of the music they play, which makes downloading the tracks… difficult.

Go to the cover art page to get this year’s art, and find out how to let SXSW know that you don’t like this.

SXSW Showcasing Artist Cover Art

Album cover art and torrent download for SXSW 2008

Hello, visitors from the Intarwebs.  You grace my site with search queries about the SXSW Music conference, and I have decided to give you what you want:

  • Here is a link to the cover art I made for the SXSW 2008 music.  You may use this cover art (a 600 x 600 pixel jpg file) however you like, though I suggest using it in iTunes.  Other years are also available in that post, as is proper credit to Ben Millett, who made the first example of SXSW cover art I found.
Have at them.