Voting for Hillary because she’s a woman

Okay, the last I have to say on the top­ic of pol­i­tics for a while. It is pret­ty clear from all the polling that women are vot­ing for Hillary in large num­bers, and African-Amer­i­cans are vot­ing for Oba­ma in large num­bers. The Press has most­ly dis­cussed this in the con­text of men not vot­ing for Hillary, and whites not vot­ing for Oba­ma, but the flip side is more impor­tant to me.

Vot­ing for Hillary because she’s a woman is a stu­pid way to pick a Pres­i­dent. The same is true of vot­ing for Oba­ma because he’s black. I under­stand that it has been a long time com­ing, and that either one is like­ly to be the best chance in a gen­er­a­tion for a wom­an/African-Amer­i­can to ascend to the high­est office. But you can’t vote with your heart when you’re choos­ing the leader of the free world. ((Though that title may be in doubt nowa­days, thanks to W.))

As a white man, I know I don’t have much foot­ing here, except to say that I would clear­ly vote for either of them over the white man in the race (McCain), but not based on race or gen­der. Nor, truth be told, on the issues. Oba­ma and Clin­ton are very close on most points, close enough that the dif­fer­ences aren’t impor­tant to me. Rather, I vot­ed for them based on what kind of Pres­i­dent I think they will be, and whether they can beat the white guy in Novem­ber.

It doesn’t mat­ter to me if my Pres­i­dent is white, black, male or female. And it real­ly shouldn’t mat­ter to you.