Voting for Hillary because she’s a woman

Okay, the last I have to say on the topic of politics for a while. It is pretty clear from all the polling that women are voting for Hillary in large numbers, and African-Americans are voting for Obama in large numbers. The Press has mostly discussed this in the context of men not voting for Hillary, and whites not voting for Obama, but the flip side is more important to me.

Voting for Hillary because she’s a woman is a stupid way to pick a President. The same is true of voting for Obama because he’s black. I understand that it has been a long time coming, and that either one is likely to be the best chance in a generation for a woman/African-American to ascend to the highest office. But you can’t vote with your heart when you’re choosing the leader of the free world. ((Though that title may be in doubt nowadays, thanks to W.))

As a white man, I know I don’t have much footing here, except to say that I would clearly vote for either of them over the white man in the race (McCain), but not based on race or gender. Nor, truth be told, on the issues. Obama and Clinton are very close on most points, close enough that the differences aren’t important to me. Rather, I voted for them based on what kind of President I think they will be, and whether they can beat the white guy in November.

It doesn’t matter to me if my President is white, black, male or female. And it really shouldn’t matter to you.