Found the first half of 1919 at the bookstore

We stopped by a used bookstore (Prospero’s Books, fwiw) last night after dinner out, and I immediately discovered the “Weird. Old.” section, and found this:



Already fascinated by a few of the articles. I may have to start collecting old Nat Geos. And yeah, that article about the League of Nations is by William Howard Taft.

Can I possibly pass up National Geographic for $12?

I know the price has always been low, but I don’t think I can pass it up this year. We just got a letter from the National Geographic Society offering a year subscription to their magazine (12 issues), a world map, and a “100% guarantee of your satisfaction” for $12.00. Unless you live in Kentucky. There it’ll cost you an extra 6% sales tax. I will pass on the obvious Kentucky joke. But I think we’re getting the magazine. I cut up many an issue from my parents’ stash for grade school reports, and I’d like a big heap of them for the boys to look through some day. (It’ll cost you $15 on the National Geographic subscription site.)