Edit: How I “watched” the Apple announcement

Edit: So, I ended up watching via Engadget most of the time, and when they had hiccups, I went over to Ars Technica. Good job guys.

Hey folks, I am planning on “watching” the Apple announcement (iPhone 5S, 5C, iOS 7, maybe some iPads, ever so maybe a TV-related announcement that might just be new software) today at 10 am Pacific (noon, where I am). Here’s how.

Last time I had the greatest success with Engadget’s live feed. It has lots of features, appears to be homegrown (or at least unique) and worked well during this past WWDC Keynote. If you’re only going to do one feed, do this one:

Engadget’s Live Feed

If you are like me, and you want to swap between several feeds of almost the same coverage with slightly different snark, you might also try the following links:

The Verge
Ars Technica

What else is out there? Well, if you like pretentious hair and live video (of people talking about the reveal, not of the reveal itself) you can’t do better (or worse) than C|Net’s ad-driven pre-show page. Oy. Then, there are the luddites. AllThingsD seems to be doing a straight up refresh-and-read approach, and Jim Dalrymple’s The Loop is proudly proclaiming their refresh for new system to be “old school.” I’m on the fence about Slashgear’s approach (they are new to me in live blogging) and MacWorld’s cookie-cutter vendor-product-live-blogging-platform.

Liveblogging the liveblogging of the Macworld 2008 keynote

Again, you ask what keynote? I intend to liveblog the liveblogs. You won’t get every moment of the keynote from me, for that, check out the previous post of mine. But I do intend to update this post with my thoughts as the keynote progresses. As well as, you know, what I’m having for lunch while I do it.

I’ll be doing the trendy reverse order posting, but then I’ll re-reverse it at the end and I can’t imagine re-ordering all the updates, so just start at the bottom

12:42 pm – It is over. Let the Apple site have it!

12:31 pm – Sounds like Steve is wrapping things up. Will there be One More Thing? Yes! It’s Randy Newman! Will they raise the lights? Will they unlock the doors? Will everyone get a MacBook Air under their seats for staying to listen?

12:27 pm – So, it’s all wireless, all the time. Which means, no Ethernet (dongle alert!). I mentioned that as a rumor to my wife last night, and she thought that would be a deal breaker for her, since she can’t get a decent wireless signal in her campus office, or in her lab. And her campus is not the only one I have been on where wireless access is less than ubiquitous. Hm.

12:20 pm – Hm. This notebook is looking good. Full-size keyboard (MacBook style and backlit). 13.3 inch (widescreen) display. Regular hard drive (80 GB) available, as well as the rumored flash drive (64 GB and $1 million, probably). Only 1 USB port… no chance it is USB 3, right? I see a market for USB-hub-dongles! 5 hours battery life (with 80 GB drive, or with flash drive?).

12:11 pm – The fourth thing is the new sub-notebook, the MacBook Air. Will it become part of my household? Is this the one? Gizmodo is talking about how Steve said it would fit inside a “vanilla envelope.” Mmm. I like vanilla.

12:07 pm – Boring guest star (20th Century Fox chairguy) has been on for five minutes. Make that six minutes.

12:02 pm – Whoa. Now Mark’s got to be pleased. The new Apple TV features are a free software upgrade! That means the Apple TV he bought on a lark will get all this, making it an actual functional device. Good on you, Mark!

11:56 am – Demo doldrums. I’m eating a very nice Honeycrisp apple for lunch today. Two, actually, as they are very small. Delicious.

11:51 am – So, now Apple has how many… four different interfaces (operating systems?) to maintain? The Mac OS, the original iPod, the new iPhone/touch, the Apple TV, and a fifth one if you count the iTunes Store. Are they spreading themselves too thin? Are these mutually exclusive customers? Are they so good at making interfaces that it doesn’t matter if one customer has to learn five ways to interact with Apple?

11:47 am – So, right, item number three is iTunes. The movie rentals and a new Apple TV. Which is to say, a new “Apple TV” set-top box, not a new TV from Apple. It no longer requires a computer (it had better have more hard drive space) and can buy/rent content from iTunes directly. Rentals are $3 and $4, and HD content is available for $5. Same idiotic rental rules apply.

11:46 am – Is it “synching” or is it “syncing”? Anyone?

11:42 am – A little hubris. From Steve. Wow. Turns out the iTunes movie and TV sales are below their expectations. Not that we didn’t know that. And Apple apparently hopes making movies rentable from iTunes will help this. Lots of movies, available 30 days after they are released on DVD (wow, that’s not good) and you have thirty days to watch, but only 24 hours to finish. That’s the TiVo model too, and it sucks. If we start at 8:30 one night, but fall asleep, we can’t start again the next night until 8:30 again (what with putting the kids in bed). So we’re S.O.L. The whole industry really needs to make the limit 36 hours, not 24. What, they don’t have kids? Oy. End rant.

11:40 am – And we’re off again! Demo over, and everyone is racing to catch up. Turns out the new stuff for the iPhone is also for the iPod Touch, which I also don’t have, but might have someday. So, bully for me. Sucks if you already have one though, as it’ll be $20 to join the crowd. End of item number two.

11:37 am – Update on the livebloggers. MacRumors is rocking the socks off everyone else in terms of live updates. Macworld is turning out to be fast and interesting. Both Engadget and Gizmodo seem to be suffering under the load.

11:34 am – These are the liveblog doldrums, where Steve is on stage doing a demo of whatever software he has announced, and the livebloggers are either watching it and not blogging, or scratching their heads about how to exactly convey the “excitement” of watching someone else use a computer. The live demos are right up there with the Guest Stars from Adobe, or Microsoft in terms of liveblogging slowdowns.

11:28 am – The second thing is the iPhone. Blah blah marketing blah. Is 4 million iPhones a lot? And the announcement is… new software! That falls a little flat, since everyone has known about the 1.1.3 software update for a while now, and some folks have even seen it on iPhones. Since I don’t have an iPhone… well. Let’s move on to number three, Steve.

11:21 amTime Capsule which is a wireless base station with a 500 GB or 1 TB drive built in for use with Time Machine. Huh. Can it back up more than one machine? Can it back up my Apple TV? It seems Steve has no answers to my questions. That’s the end of the first thing.

11:18 am – Steve is onstage. There will be four things, and the first is: marketing filler about Leopard. Very successful, blah blah. Some security guard told the Gizmodo guys that they will be escorted out if they take pictures. Doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone else.

11:06 am – Here’s my setup. I have Safari open with my blog post in editing mode in one window, the MacRumors AJAX feed in another window, and in a third window, all the “refresh to see updates” sites, so I can just reload all those tabs at once. Then I can switch between the windows with Option-Tab via Witch.

11:01 am – The jostling for seats has begun. Apparently there was a line, now there’s a mob, and once the media have been let in, they open the doors to the throng. I hope someone is taking video of the first people in. I bet it’s funny. Everyone looks so sedate (if a bit wired) in all the keynote videos I’ve seen. But then, they are already seated. Gizmodo gets points for calling it the “running of the media.”

10:51 am – Sorry for the long break. I had to gather snack food (nee, lunch) and then clear of a spot for it on my desk (no small feat). Now to increase the base font size in my browser…

10:26 am – I’m about to go take a shower, having swept and mopped the floors in the house. Please let this not be the first time ever that Steve starts early.