Edit: How I “watched” the Apple announcement

Edit: So, I end­ed up watch­ing via Engad­get most of the time, and when they had hic­cups, I went over to Ars Tech­ni­ca. Good job guys.

Hey folks, I am plan­ning on “watch­ing” the Apple announce­ment (iPhone 5S, 5C, iOS 7, maybe some iPads, ever so maybe a TV-relat­ed announce­ment that might just be new soft­ware) today at 10 am Pacif­ic (noon, where I am). Here’s how.

Last time I had the great­est suc­cess with Engadget’s live feed. It has lots of fea­tures, appears to be home­grown (or at least unique) and worked well dur­ing this past WWDC Keynote. If you’re only going to do one feed, do this one:

Engadget’s Live Feed

If you are like me, and you want to swap between sev­er­al feeds of almost the same cov­er­age with slight­ly dif­fer­ent snark, you might also try the fol­low­ing links:

The Verge
Ars Tech­ni­ca

What else is out there? Well, if you like pre­ten­tious hair and live video (of peo­ple talk­ing about the reveal, not of the reveal itself) you can’t do bet­ter (or worse) than C|Net’s ad-dri­ven pre-show page. Oy. Then, there are the lud­dites. AllTh­ingsD seems to be doing a straight up refresh-and-read approach, and Jim Dalrymple’s The Loop is proud­ly pro­claim­ing their refresh for new sys­tem to be “old school.” I’m on the fence about Slashgear’s approach (they are new to me in live blog­ging) and MacWorld’s cook­ie-cut­ter ven­dor-prod­uct-live-blog­ging-plat­form.

How I will watch the keynote (and how you can, too)

What keynote, you ask? For shame. Do I know you? This keynote.

Dur­ing the event, I will be fol­low­ing along with the “live” text feeds on the fol­low­ing sites. My com­ments (based on pre­vi­ous years) are attached. I may also keep my own (snarky) run­ning com­men­tary here on my site. You’ll have to come back to find out.

  1. MacRu­morsLive — Awe­some feed, uses AJAX to make page refresh­ing obso­lete.
  2. Ars Tech­ni­ca — I like their offline opin­ions, but last year I had trou­ble get­ting a con­sis­tent stream of news from them. Maybe they’ll step it up this year.
  3. Engad­get — Last year they did their best, but they had two guys (a writer and a pho­tog­ra­ph­er) and they kept dou­ble post­ing, and it was hard to fol­low. I’ll try again this year.
  4. Giz­mo­do — Haven’t tried their feed before. Best of luck to them. Looks like they’ll be post­ing pic­tures, too, which is nice.
  5. Mac­world — Ven­er­a­ble paper mag posts a lit­tle slow­er than the oth­ers in their “live” cov­er­age, but they use Real Eng­lish with Prop­er Punc­tu­a­tion, so that’s a bonus.

Then, when it is all over, I’ll be check­ing out the re-broad­cast by Apple.