Edit: How I “watched” the Apple announcement

Edit: So, I ended up watching via Engadget most of the time, and when they had hiccups, I went over to Ars Technica. Good job guys.

Hey folks, I am planning on “watching” the Apple announcement (iPhone 5S, 5C, iOS 7, maybe some iPads, ever so maybe a TV-related announcement that might just be new software) today at 10 am Pacific (noon, where I am). Here’s how.

Last time I had the greatest success with Engadget’s live feed. It has lots of features, appears to be homegrown (or at least unique) and worked well during this past WWDC Keynote. If you’re only going to do one feed, do this one:

Engadget’s Live Feed

If you are like me, and you want to swap between several feeds of almost the same coverage with slightly different snark, you might also try the following links:

The Verge
Ars Technica

What else is out there? Well, if you like pretentious hair and live video (of people talking about the reveal, not of the reveal itself) you can’t do better (or worse) than C|Net’s ad-driven pre-show page. Oy. Then, there are the luddites. AllThingsD seems to be doing a straight up refresh-and-read approach, and Jim Dalrymple’s The Loop is proudly proclaiming their refresh for new system to be “old school.” I’m on the fence about Slashgear’s approach (they are new to me in live blogging) and MacWorld’s cookie-cutter vendor-product-live-blogging-platform.

How I will watch the keynote (and how you can, too)

What keynote, you ask? For shame. Do I know you? This keynote.

During the event, I will be following along with the “live” text feeds on the following sites. My comments (based on previous years) are attached. I may also keep my own (snarky) running commentary here on my site. You’ll have to come back to find out.

  1. MacRumorsLive – Awesome feed, uses AJAX to make page refreshing obsolete.
  2. Ars Technica – I like their offline opinions, but last year I had trouble getting a consistent stream of news from them. Maybe they’ll step it up this year.
  3. Engadget – Last year they did their best, but they had two guys (a writer and a photographer) and they kept double posting, and it was hard to follow. I’ll try again this year.
  4. Gizmodo – Haven’t tried their feed before. Best of luck to them. Looks like they’ll be posting pictures, too, which is nice.
  5. Macworld – Venerable paper mag posts a little slower than the others in their “live” coverage, but they use Real English with Proper Punctuation, so that’s a bonus.

Then, when it is all over, I’ll be checking out the re-broadcast by Apple.