Order Yourself an Offbeat Soda Pop

I saw this a year ago, and thought the basic idea of this store was so cool that I went ahead and ordered a case of weird sodas. They sell stuff you can find at your local organic/specialty store, but they also carry nano-brew sodas I’ve never seen before (or since). Super expensive, all things considered, but you should really try a cucumber soda before you die.


Seeing this on kottke.org today made me think about ordering from them again. Also, while cucumber is super fascinating, rose-flavored was mostly good smelling, but I wouldn’t get it again.  Also-also, if you’ve had one local brew sarsaparilla/root beer, you’ve had them all, so don’t waste your expensive case slots on one of them.

Order something, and support the small guy: http://sodapopstop.com/. I’ll join you.