My iPod is dead, long live my… iPhone and my iPad?

So, it is true. I plugged my 16 GB iPod touch into a power adapter the other day, something I had done a hundred times before this, I heard a little “pop!” sound, and it died. Nothing I did, no swearing, no press-this and hold-that for ten seconds then shake it all about, no poring over message baords… nothing brought it back. Finally, I sent it off for diagnosis, and $15 dollars in shipping later, she’d dead, Jim.

Well, okay, I could have it back for $180 and a new logic board. Or for $60 and an extended AppleCare contract… you know, if I could go back in time.

So, I’ve decided not to fix it, and I am now iPod touchless. I miss my iPod, but not as much as I thought I would. In fact, what I miss most are my shopping list app (getting groceries last week was tres quaint, fumbling with a piece of paper and a tiny sharpie), getting my work email in the same place I get my real email, my address book, and my calendar.

I don’t miss the games at all, and I had a lot of them. I miss Twitter a little, and Facebook. I have wanted the calculator once in the last two weeks. And I miss being able to grab it to check a score, browse to IMDB, or check the news while I’m parked in front of the TV.

I am now rocking my old G4 iBook on the couch (which I have to plug in to the wall, since the battery last about 4 minutes), but it is not the same, for purely lazy/cool reasons. (Which is to say, I do not plan on trying to justify why I can’t just use a G4 with Tiger and a web browser to do all the things I could on my iPod touch.)

So what will I do? I’ll wait for the fourth generation iPhone this summer. I’ll get the littlest one, since I never really pushed the 16 GB barrier on the touch. And I’ll put less on it. Fewer games, fewer books, fewer crap/cool utilities. Mean and lean, my iPhone will be.

And then… I’ll get an iPad. Ding ding ding! That’s the sound of a cash register. That’s also the sound of an Apple marketing guru getting his wings! They just turned my one two-year-old device into two brand new devices! Huzzah!

I’d be perfectly happy with the smallest iPad, since it won’t have any music on it (what’s the point, I’ll only be using it at home). But I enjoyed the games, the browsing, and what little reading I did on my iPod. It is just a matter of time. Well, and money. I can’t wait.

The Master Home Computing Plan gets a wifi remote (updated)

You may or may not have read the Master Home Computing Plan, a post where I outlined how and what my perfect home computing plan was. That post is under review right now, but a crucial element has just been introduced by a company called iospirit.

Enter Remote Buddy. Originally, this was software you installed on your Mac to enable new functions in your Apple Remote and/or your Wii remote. But now, they have added your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote. New functions? Well, among others, the ability to control iTunes via Wifi. And not just control. All the bells and whistles are there.

Check out the movie of Remote Buddy at work on an iPod Touch. As a frustrated remote iTunes user, this is simply awesome.

Our music setup is pretty cool. We have all our music residing on an Infrant NAS. iTunes on our iMac connects to that music, and sends it out via AirTunes to an Airport Express. That is, in turn, connected to a hobby-built FM transmitter that sends the signal out over 98.5 FM, and we listen to it all over the house on our radios.

Until now, we had no way to remotely change the music. We had to fire up a laptop to run one of any number of mediocre remote itunes controllers. Or run downstairs and change it on the iMac. Hard to do gracefully when you forgot to take Mr. Hankey out of the Christmas Music Mix before family came over.

Of course, we still don’t have a way to remotely change our music, as we don’t own an iPod Touch. But the future is coming.

Thanks to bbum for finding this first.

Update: bbum has come through again, this time downloading and reviewing Apple’s own free iTunes remote for iPhone and iPod touch. He loves it.