This game is proving hard to watch

Third quar­ter. This is awful. KU is play­ing like the team they were last year. Mis­souri is play­ing as adver­tised. I have offered a cou­ple of times to stop watch­ing and put on this week’s Sur­vivor instead. A Miz­zou fan holds up the best sign of the game, “Kansas Foot­ball, a Tra­di­tion since Sep­tem­ber.” I can laugh at it because it’s fun­ny. The KU radio guys are say­ing that KU has to be per­fect from here on out to win. The score is 28–7 Mis­souri, and my wife adds, “And what, Mis­souri is going to have to go home?”

The anticipation is killing me

I haven’t been so excit­ed and ner­vous about a foot­ball game since… a long time… maybe since John Elway won his first Super­bowl in 1997 (you can’t blame me, my wife’s fam­i­ly is Bron­co fan-atic, and real­ly, he deserved it). If KU wins, it’ll be because of their defense. None of the pre-game dis­cus­sion of Mis­souri has talked about their defense, so I’m assum­ing they have one, but it isn’t much to go on about (at least not to a bewil­dered nation­al audi­ence still try­ing to fig­ure out if Kansas City is in Mis­souri or Kansas). Oy, it’s Brent Mus­burg­er.