The most amazing soccer flip

So, I watch soc­cer. Have all my life. I like women’s soc­cer, because more seems to hap­pen than in men’s soc­cer. But I appar­ent­ly missed this trick. The women are throw­ing the ball in from the side­line with an acro­bat­ic flip to give the ball more momen­tum.

I was watch­ing the Mis­souri Val­ley Con­fer­ence col­lege women’s soc­cer finals on local cable, between Creighton and South­ern Illi­nois. At one point, one of the Creighton play­ers goes to throw the ball in from the side. She backs up real­ly far, and I think, well, she’s going to try to get it close to the goal, she needs a lot of room to run. Then one of the announc­ers says, very mat­ter-of-fact­ly, “She’s got a good flip throw.”

Then this woman runs up to the line, puts the ball to the ground, flips over it and lands on her feet, using the force of her flip to launch the ball a mile into the air! I had to stop and rewind the TiVo sev­er­al times, final­ly watch­ing it in slow motion. It was just incred­i­ble.

A brief search of YouTube this morn­ing points out that I’m pret­ty late to the par­ty. Not only are there women’s soc­cer teams all over doing this, but appar­ent­ly some guys do, too, includ­ing some­one on Dynamo Kiev back in the ear­ly 90’s ((An Eston­ian by the name of Ris­to Kallaste, and here is a video of him doing it, though it is in crap­py YouTube black and white)).

If you’ve nev­er seen this (I’d love to see some­one do it live) you owe it to your­self to watch this video of a play­er from Utah State doing the flip throw. The video says her name is Dana Peart, fwiw.