A near perfect tweet

I don’t do this often (enough?) but this tweet from Wonderella is so pitch perfect on the topic of the Oxford Dictionary and Miley Cyrus, that I can’t help myself:

A Tax on People Who Are Bad at Math

Here is what is annoying about the lottery. If the two people who won yesterday had played the Powerball Simulator twice a week for the equivalent of 7,000 years (like I did yesterday), they would not have won (like I did not win). Then they would have said to themselves, “Self, them is some bad odds. I’m gonna go watch some TV.”

Arr. Probability, I hate you.

Love your dog? Want a good cry?

My office mate, who has three dogs, sent me a link to this movie. I started to watch it, realized what it was about, and hastily stopped playback. After I screwed up the courage, I watched it with the sound off. I don’t think I would have made it through with the sound on. So here I am, recommending this movie even though I haven’t actually seen it. I may watch it later. Maybe.

Last minutes with ODEN

Funny thing is, it makes me want to ride my bike (which is something I don’t do… not a “bike guy”)… and get tattoos (which I should point out, is also something I don’t do). And hug my dog. Mason’s been with us for the better part of twelve years, and I’ve been preparing myself for the day he dies for several of those years now. Just thinking about it makes me well up. I’m going to be a wreck that day.

MMOD technology fascinates me

Yes, I’m watching some basketball these days. Actually, right this minute. I have a very little experience with streaming video (hey-o, Creighton!) but despite that I remain interested in streaming tech. At least enough to find this article on the technology behind CBS’ March Madness On Demand offerings pretty interesting. Maybe even fascinating. But I might also be a geek.

Order Yourself an Offbeat Soda Pop

I saw this a year ago, and thought the basic idea of this store was so cool that I went ahead and ordered a case of weird sodas. They sell stuff you can find at your local organic/specialty store, but they also carry nano-brew sodas I’ve never seen before (or since). Super expensive, all things considered, but you should really try a cucumber soda before you die.


Seeing this on kottke.org today made me think about ordering from them again. Also, while cucumber is super fascinating, rose-flavored was mostly good smelling, but I wouldn’t get it again.  Also-also, if you’ve had one local brew sarsaparilla/root beer, you’ve had them all, so don’t waste your expensive case slots on one of them.

Order something, and support the small guy: http://sodapopstop.com/. I’ll join you.