Son of a… blog

Not quite a decade ago, I forked over several hundred dollars to support a little web hosting company that could, TextDrive.  In exchange, they gave me a lifetime hosting promise.  It was a good run, and they even honored their promise across a couple of acquisitions and mergers.

But a week or so ago, they sent out an email to those of us who had supported their initial bid for funds, and told us that their lifetime commitment was being “end of lifed.” We had two months to get out, or we could sign up for a free year on one of their new servers, with a $275 yearly bill waiting for us after that. Have they have gone from small potatoes to too big for their britches?

A lot of the people who got this email were pretty pissed. (A support/bitching group or three have popped up around the Internet.) Most of them were clear that they would not be staying. I just packed up my stuff, and with this blog post, the move is over. Everything now lives at A Small Orange, with whom I am pretty pleased.

Stuff is broken (most notably the images on… I am afraid, all the posts) but those will get fixed eventually.

Here we go, again.