Password strategery is confirmed!

So, you all probably remember my ranting about passwords here previously. Today i randomly came across Jason Kottke’s page of stupid password requirements, and he linked to an article by Thomas Baekdal on good passwords that says exactly what I said, only better and with more research. He also posted a FAQ later that answers the (mostly stupid?) questions people had about his first article.

Baekdal’s post is from early 2011, and I’m still having to keep a crappy 8 character, 1 special character, no consecutive-special-uppercase-number-signs password in the stable, to trot out for bad, bad, bad websites I still have to deal with.


Foodie gore is pink! (Or, Foodie-gore-is-pink!, depending.)

Universal Solvent for the win

Yesterday was Fathers’ Day, and it was nice. I got toast in bed and a few presents.

I got a new umbrella to replace the one I bent when I slipped in the snow last Winter. I figured the period of mourning/humiliation was over, and I could stop using it. And I got a copy of the newly minted version of Wiz War, a game I played in college (twenty years ago, now) and have held on to ever since. You may know that I got my eight year-old son to play the original with me a few times this past year, and yesterday, we played the new one.

Old and busted, WizWar circa 1990

The new hotness, WizWar circa 2012

The new hotness, WizWar circa 2012

It was long (about two hours, what with learning the changed rules and popping out all the markers for the first time) but we had a lot of fun, which ended abruptly when I realized I could use the Universal Solvent to melt the wall between me and the winning square. At which point I did just that, and my son graciously accepted defeat. He had me on the run until that moment, and I am ever so proud of him for his very mature reaction.

Hopefully that made up for my victory dance around the table. (No, I did not actually do that.)

So, old Wiz War: awesome. New Wiz War: probably actually more awesome, though we should play it a few more times.

Also, Wiz War, both old and new: totally geeky and fiddly and long and intricate and full of magic and silliness and spell cards and things like a Universal Solvent card. So, ymmv.

How I [watched] WWDC 2012

Inside baseball here for people not interested in Apple, but if you are: WWDC starts in half an hour, and here is how I am going to start out “watching” the coverage. Reminder, Apple hasn’t offered a live video stream of this event for years, and will not do so this year, either.

(The liveblogging is over, and this list is less relevant now, but it included Engadget, C|Net, gdgt, The Verge, Phillip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune, and Mac Rumors.)

And now it is over. You can catch the video(s) over at Apple’s website. Here’s a direct link to the keynote.

In the end, I was switching between three coverage sites, gdgt, C|Net, and The Verge, with an honorable mention for Mac Rumors. Engadget kept cramping up and forcing me to reload the page. Kudos to gdgt, for consistently providing the best feed, and to C|Net for surprising me with their solid, and dare I say, Mac-friendly coverage.

Molting tree?

It would appear that the really big sycamore in our back yard is molting? Um. Help?

Our yard with tree bark all over

Our yard with tree bark all over

This is one piece of bark

This is one piece of bark

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by people more knowledgeable than I that sycamore trees do this on a regular basis. In fact, since this event, we’ve had several more barkfalls, probably exacerbated by the drought this summer.

Farmers Market Strawberries (and Shortcake, and Morels, and Salad)

Like a month ago now (maybe more?) we went to the farmers market here in Overland Park for the first time. We bought strawberries and morels and greens more stuff, and went home and had a most fabulous dinner. We cooked the morels, added them to pasta, had a light greens salad, and made strawberry shortcake (with really whipped real cream). And I took pictures.

Strawberry shortcake, yo

Strawberry shortcake, yo