Shopping at jcp this week end

I think I might need to shop at jcpenney more now (and we’re going clothes-hunting this week end). It used to be the place we went last, usually for a winter coat, if we’d bombed out elsewhere, but I’ve been trying to think more favorably about them recently, given their Apple-alum CEO. This may just have clinched it for them.

JC Penney Launches Father’s Day Ad Featuring Gay Dads And Their Kids

Gay Dads whoopin it up for low prices

Gay Dads whoopin it up for low prices

Picture (and story) found at Joe.My.God.

Found the first half of 1919 at the bookstore

We stopped by a used bookstore (Prospero’s Books, fwiw) last night after dinner out, and I immediately discovered the “Weird. Old.” section, and found this:



Already fascinated by a few of the articles. I may have to start collecting old Nat Geos. And yeah, that article about the League of Nations is by William Howard Taft.

This is not the religious freedom you are looking for

Attention, religious conservatives decrying the government’s crackdown on your religious freedom: you’ve got it all wrong. See, you think religious freedom means you have the right to practice your religion wherever, and whenever, you like. Not true.

Religious freedom actually means “freedom from religion.”

Let me explain.

Clearly, you are free to practice whatever religion you like. We agree on that. I cannot force you to practice my religion. Likewise, you can’t make me practice your religion. Nobody is dragging anybody into a church here. Your religious freedom is actually the freedom to not be dragged into my church.

In other words, you (or your daughter) are free to not wear a hijab. Not your religion, so nobody’s going to make you do it. Awesome. That also means that my kids are free to not pray in public school. Not their religion, nobody’s going to make them do it. Double-rainbow awesome.

So nobody imposes their religion on anyone else. Religious freedom in America, as the founding fathers envisioned it. Huzzah! Don’t you think we should all be able to agree on that?

Please apply this to your own life. And get your religion out of mine. Thanks.