Go Vote

If there was one, single thing we could do to make our country better, this would be it: ensure that every eligible voter has the right, and understands the duty, to vote. Every voter, every vote. Can you imagine the upheaval if our representative government was actually elected by everyone it represented, not just the ones with the education, the means, and the empowerment to get out and vote?


In the meantime, won’t you be sure to vote tomorrow? Even your vote counts for something.


End of the experiment

A few new items around here, but dated back to September. That is when I started an experiment in moving this blog to another service. I wanted simplicity, and Posterous certainly gave me that, but it wasn’t what I needed. Yes, I still crave simplicity, but Posterous works one way: post to Posterous, and it will put your stuff everywhere else (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, this blog, etc.). I tried, but I couldn’t work that way. I need to be able to post with whatever tool I have on hand, my phone, my blog, iPhoto, email… and have it show up everywhere.

Plus, and this was the kicker, I couldn’t figure out how to keep my email and keep my Posterous account both at this address, dannynovo.com.

Maybe if they provide a super easy solution for that, I might be back.

In the meantime, here we are, still.

Now back to your regular silence. Man, I should update this blog more.