One of the reasons I hate the conservatives

I was bitching this morning to my wife about the recent O’Donnell/Coons debate where she insisted the Constitution did not preclude the government from influencing religious preference, and about the conservative reaction to what she said (She’s right! It doesn’t actually say “separation of Church and State” in the Constitution!), and my seven year-old couldn’t really follow me, so I came up with an analogy. I paraphrase it here for an older audience, with Ms. O’Donnell and Mr. Coons standing in for the conservative response to our ridicule of her, and sanity, respectively:

O’Donnell: Is the sky blue?

Coons: Well, sure, but sometimes it is pink, and orange, sometimes it is black, or a really dark blue, and when it is cloudy, it’s gray, or white…

O’Donnell: So you’re saying the sky is not blue?

Coons: Well, it looks blue, but that’s actually the light reflecting off particles in the atmos…

O’Donnell: Is this the kind of person you want as your Senator? A man who says the sky is not blue?

Coons: Um…

O’Donnell: These are the basic truths that the Democrats deny! The hardworking workers of working America know the sky is blue. Yet you and your Government impose your views on what we know is undeniable. The sky, it is blue!

Coons: Fuck you.

The previous statements are not actually by Ms. O’Donnell or Mr. Coons, as I think she came off better in the above than in the actual debate.