Bad Machinery

I don’t often get caught up in the fancy of something, but this has entranced me. There is a web comic, that’s been around since last Fall, that I can’t stop reading. Well, that’s not strictly true. I can stop, but every time I go back it is just as delightful.

It is called Bad Machinery, by John Allison. It takes place in Tackleford, somewhere in England, and involves kids who are about… I don’t know, fourteen, fifteen? (I’m so bad at judging ages that it seems to extend into cartoons… huh. ((Oh, look, they’re twelve. See how bad I am?))) Anyway, it is so quintessentially fun, cool, young, and English that I can’t help reading it in my head in an accent. I’ve even tried fitting different accents on different people.

Very cool. I’m about halfway through the archives, but it is absolutely fabulous.

Try it. Start at the beginning.

Oooh, and look what I found, the home page! Bad Machinery.

Yes, the cross-pollination with Scary Go Round is odd ((Okay, not so odd, as it seems the supernatural has made an appearance in Bad Machinery, too… not sure how I feel about that.)). I haven’t let it quell my enthusiasm, however. As best I can tell, Bad Machinery is Scary Go Round: The Next Generation. In any case, I like the young’uns better.