The Blade Runner gun

The other day I was musing to the wife about how ridiculous it would be to spend stupid money, just because I had stupid money to spend. I mean, if I was a billionaire, I said, I could not imagine spending $150,000 on a car, no matter how electric or cool it was. It is one of these truisms I’ve always held to. Lots of money would never overcome common sense.

And then I heard that Harrison Ford’s gun from Blade Runner was up for auction. Here let me show it to you:

Harrison Ford's gun from Blade Runner

Harrison Ford's gun from Blade Runner

Another view

It was expected to fetch $150,000, and instead went for $270,000.

And yes, if I was a billionaire, I would probably buy this.

Guided Selections in the iTunes Music Store

Neat how the iTunes music store lets you – This is fascinating. Guided selections for artists or genres in the iTunes Music Store. That is, they present you with (someone’s opinion of) the basic songs for the artist or genre, next steps, and deep cuts. It’s a little hard to find in iTunes, but if you click on any of the “iTunes Essentials” links, you get this interface. Quite frankly, awesome.

New and Improved [WordPress] Plugins Directory Search

New and Improved [WordPress] Plugins Directory Search – I’ve been searching the WP plugins directory a lot lately, and I do appreciate this improvement, but that said, can we have some basic functionality, too? Maybe an indication of the sort order of the results? Is it by Author middle initial? Or, perhaps even the ability to sort the results ourselves, by, I don’t know, popularity? Number of downloads? Name? WordPress version compatibility? Upload date? Anything? Let me put it this way, plugin search (and frankly, any search on, is so abysmally horrible that this one improvement hardly makes it worthwhile. Baby steps, I guess.

    Saw Star Trek, and liked it quite a bit, Jim

    We went to see Star Trek ($22) with our friends Doug and Sarah this past weekend, leaving the kids with a babysitter ($50), and then going to dinner ($35). And we had a good time. The movie is clearly worth it, especially if you are rationing your theater-going. It is big and rambunctious and fun and noisy and all the things a summer flick should be. Recommended.

    Two things of note from my viewing:

    • I’ve seen Star Trek is its various incarnations, and I have to say, I have never really liked Kirk. Shatner never seemed sexy enough to be who Kirk is supposed to be, and while I like the twinkle in his eye, I never did buy that he was serious enough, smart enough, or… heroic enough to be this guy.  I blather, but enough to say that Chris Pine made me a believer in Kirk.
    • The Star Trek phaser pistol has always been ridiculous, especially when compared to icons like Han’s blaster or Deckard’s pistol (go Harrison Ford!) but the easily-missed flip between stun and kill on Kirk’s pistol was pretty damn cool.

    Go see it if you have enough money. Us? We’re starting a special fund for movie nights.  We should have enough saved up by next month to go see another one.

    If you last saw a movie in the theater in 2008: [xrr rating=4/5 max_stars=5]

    If you hate Star Trek, science fiction, or fun: [xrr rating=3/5 max_stars=5] (it’s that loud)

    The problem with Google

    I do love me Google. A lot. I use it exclusively, and whenever I present to the hoi polloi on “Searching teh Intarwebs” I use Google to do it. But there is one thing they need to fix, between adding more one boxes and putting little arrows at the end of my customized search results. They need a decent timeline selector.

    Often, and more often lately, when I search for something, I want to know what Google has found for this in the last day, or two days, or week, or not this week, but last week, but not as long ago as last month. And there is no easy way to do this.

    Sure, there’s the Advanced Search, with its limited selection of dates. Or I can use the News filter, or the Blogs filter, but none of that would be as easy to use, or as accurate, as a handy slider. Google has many examples in their own products of temporal selectors, from the stocks charts in Finance to the calendar pickers in Analytics. It is time to bring one of those to the mothership, Big G.