Wheaton the new Niven?

One of my favorite books grow­ing up was Bring on the Emp­ty Hors­es by David Niv­en, an auto­bi­og­ra­phy of his life in Hol­ly­wood, full of amus­ing sto­ries about Hol­ly­wood greats and their lives off cam­era. My moth­er had it on her book­shelf. Niv­en was an accom­plished but not over­ly famous actor in his day, but he knew a lot of peo­ple and had a long career, and thus had a lot of sto­ries. I have a the­o­ry, hav­ing read this piece by Wil Wheaton, that he might be this era’s David Niv­en. He might have to meet more famous(er) peo­ple. Any oth­er can­di­dates?