Palin era to last one week?

So, when Sarah Palin was announced last Friday, I almost immediately turned to my wife and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if they did this just to get the news cycle away from Obama and the Democratic Convention, then pull a switch at the Republican Convention next week?” I’m especially interested because Sam Brownback, Senator from KS, is supposed to put Palin’s name into nomination.

Now, I’m not saying this was their plan all along, nor am I saying that this will happen, but with all the un-vetted bits spilling out of Sarah Palin’s past this weekend, I would not be surprised. Corruption, incompetence, inexperience… it really sounds like they didn’t bother to check on her before pulling the trigger (as it were). Like all they did was look at a photo of her. The Democrats have clearly made the decision to just get out of the way and watch Republicans implode.

But really, can you imagine the Republican First Couples eating dinner together? I mean, John and his “soulmate” would be fine, but what would Cindy and the First Dude talk about?