Bush Confidence

We’ve just started watching a new show, courtesy of our renewed membership with Netflix, that is proving both entertaining and educational. The characters are interesting, the situations in which they find themselves are eye-opening, and we’re learning a lot of new vocabulary. Even the title implies an educational experience. And you thought this was going to be about politics.

Soft Play Forms

So, we’re sitting around Saturday morning, one kid is watching TV (yes, we know) while the other is playing happily with the big, vinyl-covered foam blocks we keep telling you are the most awesome toy ever.

Gazing in admiration at them, we decide that maybe we should buy another set, as these are five years old and constant, almost daily play has started to wear them out just a smidge. It would be nice to have some back up pieces, since we anticipate at least three to five more years of play with them.

So I go to my trusty old link, and there they are at Constructive Playthings, now for $140. Not bad, but we have a gift certificate to Amazon, so, on a whim, I decide to check and see if I can get them through Amazon. Not sure what to search for (the manufacturer is unclear) I go with their title/description on the Constructive Playthings web site, “Soft Play Forms.”

Sure enough, they are listed at Amazon, though only from a third-party individual, and for a $100 premium… but I was much more interested in the second item Amazon suggested for the search: Soft Play Forms.


Bush falls below Nixon

George W. Bush’s approval rating stands at 21%. This is the worst approval rating of any President since they started taking notes. Nixon got as low as 23% at one point, but bounced back to 24% when he left office in disgrace. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. I’m interested to see what Gallup’s results are, since they seem to have the longest record of asking this question.

Leave Gaunt Jobs alone!

Mark just sent me to an article about how investors at Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report were nervous about Steve Jobs’ health. They reportedly asked him to name a successor. Which is just silly. I went back and looked at the list of likely successors. I noted that my favorite (and Job’s favorite, if the article is to be believed), Scott Forstall, Senior vice president, iPhone software, may be watching his star fall, given all the reports of bug-ridden iPhone 2.0 software. Which only serves to illustrate that picking a successor now means having to pick a different successor down the road, if Jobs happens to live a little longer, and/or the Anointed One screws up. So give it a rest, and let’s not kill Steve before his time is up.

Over is Right, Under is Wrong

OMG, I am so pleased to finally have some empirical evidence to point to. For the longest time I thought my wife understood, and was consciously putting the rolls on the right way. Then one day she put one on wrong, and when I asked her, she had no idea what I was talking about. There’s a right way? That’s right, there is. Read up.

Running for Office, xkcd style

This guy is running for State elective office here in Kansas (he lives just outside of Kansas City, in Olathe, where he has at least a teensy chance of actually winning). While this has been linked everywhere by now, I couldn’t pass up the chance to send him some love (and money?). If only I could vote for him, I would. If you lose, come to Lawrence next time, Sean!