Web-based app turns any web site (if you give them access to your ftp info) into a content managed system where clients can edit their own content in a simple text-based editor.  Simply awesome.  Wish I’d had this when I was freelancing.  Would have been perfect for the sheep ranchers.

Fluid Nightly with Google Gears (updated)

Fluid is an awesome (Leopard-only) application that lets you run web pages as stand-alone apps.  I use it to run Gmail as its own application, independent of my browser.  Now, Todd Ditchendorf has added the ability to use Google Gears to enable offline usage (in web apps that support it).  Or not.  Safari (on which Fluid is based) can’t use Google Gears!  This, like nothing else, may bring me back to the bosom of Remember The Milk.

Honest Ade Reviewlet

So, I finally had some Honest Ade, by the Honest Tea people.  I wrote about it a while ago, but had not found it locally.  Now I have, and I was a bit underwhelmed.  Fruity water.  If I’m paying that much for a drink, I need it to be extra flavorful, so I don’t think I should have just had water.  Next time I’ll stick to the Nantucket Nectars in the same display.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Beta

I came back to Dreamweaver after five years away, and found it changed in only one meaningful way: I sent my money to Adobe instead of Macromedia. Now, with the new CS4 beta, Dreamweaver is finally making some strides away from the legacy MX version. You’ll need a DW CS3 serial number to really play with this.

Change afoot in the Democratic Party

I’m talking out my ass here, admittedly, but I think we’re seeing a shift in the Democratic Party. I think the Clinton machine, started in 1992 as a scrappy, go-for-broke operation, mortally wounded by Bill’s dalliances in office, missing-in-action for Gore in 2000, and sullenly unsupportive of Kerry in 2004 (after Clinton Golden Boy Wesley Clark crashed and burned), is now facing the end of its days. Hillary Clinton’s desperate endgame scrabble for any sort of handhold on the new Democratic train, and Bill’s wanton burning of all his political goodwill is telling of their slip into irrelevance. My kids will ask me about this, I think, when they study American History.