Should my little kids carry ID?

So, a lot of the stuff I’ve been read­ing about child safe­ty sug­gests that your kid should have some sort of ID on him or her. That is, a pho­to with some basic con­tact infor­ma­tion on the back. That way, if they get lost, or (God for­bid) hurt, some­one can get hold of us. Tar­get gave us some stick­ers and safe­ty info with a recent pho­to order. They sug­gest the whole recent pho­to, CD, info, etc. route we’ve already tak­en. But they also sug­gest, in the case of evac­u­a­tion or emer­gency, giv­ing your kids an index card with their basic info on it. If you get sep­a­rat­ed, they say, that info will help bring you back togeth­er.

So, I thought, what about hav­ing them always car­ry that info around? Like a kid ID card.

Ini­tial­ly, I was a bit leery about it because of the stranger-anx­i­ety thing. You know, you don’t put your kid’s first name on his jer­sey so strangers can’t call it out and act all chum­my. But real­ly, if my kid’s been (God for­bid) abduct­ed, an ID card isn’t going to make much of a dif­fer­ence.

Then I thought, how para­noid do I have to be to make my five-year-old car­ry (what is essen­tial­ly) pho­to ID? Not like I had any iden­ti­fy­ing any­thing with me when I was grow­ing up. Not like my kids are ever any­place with­out an adult. And where would he car­ry it? He would leave his shoes at home (and he has) if we didn’t remind him to put them on (and we didn’t, that one time). And then, the two year-old? What would we do, stick a FedEx return stick­er on his back every time he leaves the house?

But the thought of them alone, with a (nice) stranger… scared… cry­ing… just one para­noid par­ent away from hav­ing phone and address at hand… the five year-old can prob­a­bly mem­o­rize our phone num­ber, but the two year-old can’t.

So, what do you think? Kid ID, or phone num­ber tat­too?