dwell is not for me

This won’t be much of a shock­er for peo­ple who know me and know dwell mag­a­zine. I like to style myself a designey, mod­ern, cool-stuff kind of guy (and I am, real­ly), so I nat­u­ral­ly thought dwell would be for me. I sub­scribed, cheap, and got a year’s worth. This last week, I man­aged to read (flip) through the accu­mu­lat­ed stack. All the design and homes and archi­tec­ture are way too stark and mod­ernist for me, but I active­ly cov­et a lot of the stuff in the adver­tise­ments. This is the kind of mag­a­zine that has ads from Room&Board, Porsche, and BDI, as well as a slew of fixture/kitchen/counter design com­pa­nies I’ve nev­er heard of, prob­a­bly because I’m in the wrong tax brack­et. Do you read and like dwell?