New blog, same as the old blogs, exactly

Okay, so, I announce the new blog, I post once or twice, and then nothing happens. Or so it seems… okay, no nothing has happened. Three weeks ago, the wife and I decided I should give freelance web designing a go, since nobody seemed to want to give me a job. I’ve spent those three weeks soliciting business, setting up domain names and a web site, and moving all my old sites to a new (fancy Solaris) web server at my host (TextDrive, nee Joyent).

This site now lives on those new servers, and I have managed to import all the old posts from the latest version of the blog (I think there were ten or so) and the posts from the old version of this blog (like a hundred and thirty seven or something). So you should feel free to do some browsing. I even managed to keep the comments.

And the categories. Wow, those are a mess.

In any case. Here we are, again.