Google stops notifying me of nothing

It happened quietly. This week, Google stopped sending me daily email notifications about how I had no events scheduled on my Google Calendar. It’s nice.

I tested it, to make sure, putting a dummy event in today, and I did get a handy email today. But not Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday or Friday.

I may miss it, mind you, always having a message waiting for me in the morning. But I won’t miss the constant reminder of how agendaless my life is.

September 11

Yeah, it’s my birthday.  Thanks.  36.  Oh, much appreciated, and you don’t look a day over 21, either.

Five years ago today, evil people perpetrated a terrible tragedy in this country.  And yes, the world has changed since then.  But make no mistake, the machinations of the conservative US political establishment have changed the world in many more terrible ways than the events of 9/11 did.  How can I say that?  Am I blaming Bush for 9/11?

Don’t be daft.

The world in the year 2000 was full of extremism and terrorism and mass killings and innocent lives lost and habitual persecution and poverty and genocide.  The world in 2006 still has all of that.  Nothing has changed in that regard.  Terrorism wasn’t born on 9/11/2001.  Maybe Americans had their eyes opened–in a horrible, tragic way–that morning.  But it was all there to be seen.

What is new is the pain, suffering, and devastation wreaked by our country since then.  What is new is the belief firmly held by American conservatives, evangelicals, and extremists–and increasingly by the under-educated middle classes hungering for a Shepherd to guide them–a belief that we have the right (some would say the God-given right) to punish other people who disagree with us.  Combine this with the military and economic might of our country, and you have today’s changed world.

A world in which I am both glad and horrified to be an American.