I know what Dashboard is for!

Dashboard, the widget interface for OS X, has always been a strange beast to me.  Equal parts useless and obnoxious, I just didn’t understand why Apple would revive Control Panels.  For those of you unfamiliar with Dashboard, this is an application screen in OS X that you call up with a key combination.  On this layer are little widget-apps, small applications that do one thing, usually with an Internet connection.  Like a package tracker.  Or a weather forecaster.  Or a flight tracker.  Etc.

I think they’re stupid.

But now I get it.

Dashboard is the application interface for Apple’s upcoming thin client hardware.  A cell phone.  iPods with real ability.  A tablet.  Instead of gutting Aqua down to this level, they are building up the ability of WebKit to serve as the UI layer.  WebKit is already present on Nokia’s S60 phones.

It is not that much of a leap.  Your thoughts on my half-baked, uninformed musings?