Ah, the birds.

Sigh. I have just been shat on for the first time (well, my infant son not with­stand­ing). You hear about peo­ple being tar­get­ed by birds, you may have actu­al­ly seen it hap­pen, you may know some­one close to you… but has it hap­pened to you?

I was lucky, it hit me on the arm, so I don’t have to change clothes.

Most sur­pris­ing, wow-but-of-course moment: it was real­ly warm.

UPDATE: I just sat through a 45 minute meet­ing at work where­in I real­ized, two min­utes in, that my shirt had not escaped unscathed. I had a big, meaty bit of bird poop on my sleeve. Yuck. It is clean now.