Saving the best

We’ve been sort of lukewarm on Alias all season, and have just been letting the episodes pile up on our TiVo. Well, spurred on by some “It ain’t dead yet,” articles in Entertainment Weekly and on the Internet, we began watching those eps tonight. This was the one where Marshall flies to Cuba to save Sidney.

Single best line in TV this season. I don’t know that I have laughed harder at TV since I last watched Scrubs.

And you know what? You have to have seen the episode to get it. So for those of you who have. Marshall has been instructed to find a “digging tool” by Jack, and he fumbles around and comes up with a spork. On hearing this, Jack turns quizzically to Vaughn, and asks:

“What’s a spork?”

Delivered with such comic timing, and so deadpan, and so appropriately used. I actually paused it to laugh fully and heartily, to discuss it with Tiffany (who just laughed at me, I think), and then I rewound it to watch it again, before continuing with the show.

Producer ex machina

Boy, I don’t know. On last night’s Survivor, it looked a lot like Stephenie was going home. But at Tribal Council, Jeff led them on a merry question and answer chase that ended up with Janu laying down her torch (quitting) and Stephenie living to see another day.

I don’t quibble with the result. Stephenie is far more entertaining than Janu. She’s plucky, which goes a long way towards winning over television viewers. She clearly deserves to be there, whereas Janu clearly does not, even with her “one with the beach bonfire” solo adventure.

But Probst’s leading questions, ending with his mention to Janu that she could serve on the jury, even though she quit–where was such magnanimity when Osten quit a couple of seasons ago? Jeff just about kicked him in the butt on the way out, and ignominiously tossed his torch down on the ground. Janu’s torch he did lay down, but not with the venom he reserved for Survivor’s first quitter.

It leads you to believe that the producers had a hand in the decision last night. I don’t think they would have gone as far as to mandate Janu quit (or rather, mandate that Stephenie not be voted off), but Jeff easily led Janu to that conclusion.

If I were Greg (quoted last night and in the previews for next week as fearing Stephenie’s prowess) I would be royally pissed at Probst.

Still, I think it has only put off the inevitable. Stephenie is much like Rupert: charming, fierce competitor, fan-favorite, but dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to strategy. She can outlast any of them, possibly even uber-fireman Tom given the right challenge, but she couldn’t outwit her way out of a wet paper bag. The previews suggested that she’ll try next week, cozying up to the women to vote a man off, and it may work once or twice (Tom must loom as an awesome threat to anyone with a brain), but I think it will ultimately be in vain. The alpha-males see her as a threat, and the women can’t help but see her as a threat, too. Jen is jealous of her, Katie is worried she’s next to go, and Karen is a snake in the grass just waiting to strike.

Alas, poor Stephenie, we actually knew ye pretty well. The producers are in a bind, because with her tribe starring in “Can’t Win Survivor for Trying” she’s emerged as the star this season. I guess I can’t blame them for doing whatever they can to keep her around as long as possible.

Single-use superglue

Every so often I wish I had some superglue. I probably do have some, in some toolbox somewhere, but it is sure to be rock hard, or the cap is superglued on, or you need a jackhammer to get through the dried bit in the tube. Mostly, I wish I had it, then I do something else. Why go buy a tube of superglue when you know the next time you need it, it’ll be all dried up?

Well, for the record, I would pay a dollar ($1 US) for a single-use tube of superglue. Yeah, I know, you can buy a pack of two tubes of superglue for $1.98. But I can’t see myself wasting all that superglue.

Single-use superglue may not make a lot of sense economically, but I think it is an awesome marketing idea.