I love my swing-arm iMac

I was just thinknig, this morn­ing, as I adjust­ed my swing-arm iMac’s screen for close up work, would I like one of the new G5 iMacs? All it can do is tilt. If some­one sits down next to me, I can turn this screen a lit­tle towards them, so we both get a good view. If Aidan walks up to the desk, I can tilt it down­ward, so he can see it bet­ter. With the iSight attached, I can just move the screen around, with­out hav­ing to twist the cam­era in its mount.

It seems to me that the arm is one of those fea­tures I would real­ly miss. And yet, I have heard noth­ing in the wider com­mu­ni­ty about peo­ple being dis­ap­point­ed when they upgrade. Are swing-arm iMac users not upgrad­ing? Are they hold­ing on to their flex­i­ble dis­plays tooth and nail? Will they be the next New­ton Users Group?