The payoff was good, too

That was a fun game to watch as a Red Sox fan.

There are many, many, many people out there who are more dedicated Red Sox fans than I am. This season, I did not watch a single game until the fourth game of the ALCS. And even then I only caught the last few innings. (Actually, I went to bed before it was over.) Last night, while watching the pivotal Game 7, I didn’t start watching until the third inning, and then I took a 45 minute break between innings 4 and 7 to watch Lost.

And yet, I do love baseball, and there is no other team to which I owe any allegiance. Not like in football (the NFL kind) where I root for a half dozen teams, or soccer (football) where I follow a couple of nations during the World Cups (the Mundial).

The Red Sox are the only baseball team I care anything about. I attended a few Paw Sox games while I was in college, I own several Red Sox caps, and have been to a Red Sox game. But I’d like to say that, even from that fair-weather post, it was a great game to watch.

Deliciously wonderful… if you’re a Red Sox fan

Tonight is Game 7 of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have pulled off what no other team has ever done, coming back from a three-games-to-zero deficit to force a seventh game to decide the series. They have played hard, lucky, and long to get here, and they may very well mess it up tonight.

But in the meantime, for those long-standing and much trodden Boston fans, here’s a deliciously snarky article about the Yankees, and how they are on the verge of becoming the first team in history to blow a three-games-to-zero lead.

See: Choke of all chokes

So horribly embarrassing

So, yes, I played Dungeons and Dragons. I still would, if I had the time, or the group of friends, or something. I enjoyed the creativity, the friendship, the fun. I even kind of enjoyed the geekiness of it all. Heck, I even attended the annual convention held by the company that owns Dungeons and Dragons. Actually, I guess it was there that I realized that I was but an amateur in the depths of D&D geekiness to which one can subscribe. The costumes, the carrying on in real life of characters and plots, the seriousness with which some of the silliness is taken.

Now, on the 35th anniversary of the game, comes this. A gaming group that gets together to play on a weekly basis has begun to make videos of their adventures. With costumes. And “special” effects. You really have to watch it to believe it. Yes, it is work-safe, but only if you’re not afraid of dying of embarrassment. Even if you’ve never heard of D&D, you can’t help but feel for these gloriously geeky folks.

I can hardly stand it. I have to go watch it again.

[Note: yes, at first blush this looks like amateurish fetish porn, but as you watch they come across more like hopeless geeks and less like Eastern European immigrant hookers… I mean, the sheer geekiness of the magic missile effects, and the flip-book giant centipede… and the soft-focus horse-riding… pure innocent genius.]

See: The trailer for their adventures – low res and: The trailer for their adventures – high res and: The Dungeon Majesty web site

This is why people turn to the Daily Show for news

I did not get to see it when it aired, but all the buzz is about Jon Stewart’s appearance on CNN’s Crossfire show this weekend. He regularly lambasts (lampoons?) them on his show (The Daily Show on Comedy Central) and was invited on to… what? Shout at them? That’s all the Crossfire guests seem to do. You could see how frustrated he was getting.

Anyway, linked below is probably the best account of it, and they have a link to the video. It is very much worth watching.

See: Ars Technica’s article on the Crossfire appearance

Strange Neighbors

More politics. In the latest polling data, Illinois is going for Kerry by 16%. Indiana, right next door, is going for Bush by 13%. How does something like that happen? They share a very long border. There’s have to be some cross-pollination, no? It can’t all be Chicago, can it?

This election is going to kill me

I’m not sure I can take fifteen more days of this. After the debates, Kerry closed the gap in polling. But after the third debate, polls showed Bush ahead by as much as 8%. Then today, another poll shows them tied at 45%. Plus, there’s a lot of Internet chatter about how bad polling is as a way of determining what the nation/state/city/block thinks. And with seven million overseas voters, and people with cell phones only (who don’t get polled) and tons of newly registered voters (on both the Dark side and the Light side) who also don’t get counted… well, I don’t know what to think.

Batten the hatches, donate money, plant that yard flag, take a neighbor to the polls.

See: My favorite polling info site

I find myself cautiously optimistic

Yes, after the dabate I found myself surprised and a little hopeful. And in the last few days since the debate I find myself terribly perplexed by the people who think Bush won the debate. What does it take to be that biased? What must the rest of your life be like?

Anyway. I am looking forward to the Vice-Presidential debate.