Shaving like a gay man

We watch a lot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bra­vo. Not so much late­ly, as we’ve been pret­ty busy, but TiVo keeps us in the loop. Any­how, I have tak­en spe­cial note of the part where the gay guys scream and shud­der when the straight guy shaves. It seems they want us to shave with the hair, not against it. And slow­ly.

So I resolved the try it. My nor­mal shav­ing tech­nique is to not. Shave, that is. Hence the beard. But now that I am work­ing, and should look halfway respectable, I’ve begun to take it up again (no, I still have the beard, but now I’m shav­ing the non-beard parts on a more reg­u­lar basis). I must con­fess that my shav­ing would send the gay guys into con­nip­tions: fast, against the grain, with lit­tle regard for my safe­ty or com­fort.

I am try­ing the gay way now, and I must say, I am hav­ing mixed results. Shav­ing slow­ly gives me the hee­bies, I can feel each hair rasp­ing across the blade and it doesn’t feel good. And shav­ing in the direc­tion of the hair is nice and smooth, but does not give me a clean shave. I am always left with a short stub­ble that you can’t real­ly see, but you can def­i­nite­ly feel. (My beard is fair­ly light, so since there isn’t a lot of face and neck stroking going on at work, I can prob­a­bly get by with this amount of stub­ble.)

Any advice out there? I’m using three blades already, though I haven’t changed the blade recent­ly. I’ll try that next.

The family that eats strange meat together…

I was born an Argen­tine, and some­where on my pass­port (the expired Argen­tine one) it says in fine print that I must eat meat, or I’ll lose my cit­i­zen­ship. Argen­tines eat a lot of meat, and when it comes to the cow, they eat most of that, too. Empanadas (rough­ly trans­late as meat turnovers), blood sausage, beef kid­neys, sweet­breads, stew, matam­bre (stuffed beef roll), and bone mar­row on a crack­er. Among oth­ers.

Tiffany, bless her, is a Mid­west­ern girl when it comes to beef. She grew up with steak, usu­al­ly on the grill, with some kind of sauce. On one of her first trips to meet my par­ents, she was offered the afore­men­tioned bone mar­row on a crack­er. To her cred­it, she tried very hard to like it.

This all came to mind when, yes­ter­day, I got her to try a lit­tle of the chick­en liv­er that came with the whole chick­en we were roast­ing. She knew she wouldn’t like it, and I knew she wouldn’t like it, but I like liv­er so much that I thought maybe she should try this par­tic­u­lar bit of liv­er, and I can only imag­ine that she likes me so much that she thought maybe she would try this par­tic­u­lar piece of liv­er. She bit it off and chewed and smiled and I came back inside. And a few sec­onds lat­er she rushed in and spat it out into the sink.

I do love her so. She doesn’t need to eat all the strange meat I do.

I can always eat liv­er with her moth­er (or my fam­i­ly, but that’s a giv­en).

Freedom will… um… uh…

Con­di Rice gave George Bush a note today dur­ing a NATO meet­ing that said the Iraq han­dover had gone as planned, two days ear­ly. George Bush wrote at the top of the note:

Free­dom will rain rein reign

Jon Stew­art called it the world’s first “sneak retreat.” I find myself won­der­ing if the Iraqis know that Bush has just hung them out to dry. When peo­ple die in Iraq from now on, the Bush Admin­is­tra­tion can say, and you can bet they will say, that it’s not their fault, because the coun­try is being run by the Iraqis now.

Caller ID says it’s from Iraq, best not answer the phone, George.


Coolest thing I’ve found recent­ly. Saver­Lab is a lit­tle, free pro­gram that lets you run a Mac OS X screen­saver in a win­dow, like an appli­ca­tion. For a lit­tle over a year now, I’ve been run­ning a screen­saver over the Inter­net for our par­ents. They con­nect with their Mac OS X com­put­ers and select our screen­saver, it down­loads pic­tures of Aidan to their machines, and when they start their screen­savers they get Aidan! When I update pic­tures, it auto­mat­i­cal­ly updates their com­put­ers, so they get only the most recent pic­tures of Aidan.

Very cool.

What Saver­Lab lets me do is have a win­dow run­ning that shows all those pic­tures of Aidan. I don’t have to put my com­put­er to sleep to see them, I just have to look in the cor­ner. I like it. A lot.

Just a sec: editing my own post for slanderous insensitivity

Please wait while I edit a pre­vi­ous post for slan­der­ous insen­si­tiv­i­ty.

But real­ly. I post­ed about an expe­ri­ence I had today, at work. The Inter­net is rife with exam­ples of peo­ple get­ting fired (extreme result, yes) for post­ing about work on their blogs. For the most part they either work(ed) for huge, mono­lith­ic, head-up-their-butt com­pa­nies (see: guy who got fired by Microsoft for post­ing pho­tos of their load­ing dock), or they total­ly rip on their boss and their boss’ dog Fluffy.

I had an expe­ri­ence where some­one I think is rep­re­sen­ta­tive of much of the coun­try made a com­ment I just could not believe, it was so dumb. I wrote a post that explained the cir­cum­stances, the com­ment, and my reac­tion to it.

My orig­i­nal post did not hide the fact that I worked, and that this expe­ri­ence took place at work, and while this was not with­in my work con­text, nor with the clien­tele I work with… well, I can see that as a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the place I work (you all read ear­li­er posts in this blog, right? Is it too late to be vague now?) I should maybe just shut the hell up. After all, a poten­tial client might see me rip­ping on some poor inno­cent I met in the com­pa­ny cafe­te­ria, and decide they don’t want to take the same risk, tak­ing their busi­ness else­where. I can under­stand that this would be a bad out­come, which is why I edit­ed the post in ques­tion to remove any trace of my work envi­ron­ment. I just abstract­ed it all to pieces. I hope it still makes sense.

And yet.

Stu­pid peo­ple deserve to be called on being stu­pid, although not in a slan­der­ous way (unless they are our #$@!%!! Pres­i­dent).

I’m a real­ly nice, rea­son­able guy.

I spend almost half my wak­ing hours at work, and I’m not sup­posed to blog about it?!!

There are prob­a­bly bet­ter things to do, I just have to find them.

Plant a money tree!

This entry was orig­i­nal­ly post­ed with a lot more detail. Then Tiffany read it, and sug­gest­ed I might want to be fuzzi­er about who, what, when and where with regards to my employ­er. Read about my thoughts on this here. On to the post.

Tiffany and I have a lot of mon­ey in invest­ments. We were pret­ty ded­i­cat­ed investors before we had Aidan (well, before we got preg­nant, in any case) and we hope to get back to it, but the very least we alsways made sure we did was ful­ly fund our employ­er con­tri­bu­tion retire­ment funds. We put in $x per month, and our employ­ers put in $2x, or $1.8x or some­thing. I mean real­ly, it’s free, before-tax mon­ey. Like plant­i­ng a mon­ey tree.

Today I heard some­one, in all seri­ous­ness, sug­gest that because her broth­er lost all his mon­ey by putting it in stock options at the com­pa­ny he worked for (which tanked), “this is like, no bet­ter than play­ing the slots, right?” She was seri­ous, and I don’t think she’s chang­ing her mind. To her, invest­ing means tak­ing a huge gam­ble with all your mon­ey. If that’s the only expe­ri­ence she has, of course she’s going to sock it all away under the mat­tress.

I am seri­ous­ly wor­ried about my gen­er­a­tion when we get to retire­ment age. I know I’ll be fine, but I think the vast major­i­ty of peo­ple my age will be S.O.L. Which doesn’t mean Sure Of Liq­uid­i­ty.

So Reagan died

Not sure how I feel about Ronald Rea­gan dying this week­end. Okay, that’s not true. I know how I feel, I’m just not sure how much of it is seem­ly to tell.

I’m relieved for his fam­i­ly, who can final­ly rest after hav­ing to watch him dete­ri­o­rate so slow­ly and painful­ly. I’m sad that some­one has died, just in gen­er­al terms. But the best thing I can say about Ronald Rea­gan him­self is that, at least he didn’t blow us all to Hell. Though I do believe he cer­tain­ly came close. Clos­er than any­one, except pos­si­bly George W. Bush, but the jury is still out on that one.

I was 10 years old when Jim­my Carter lost to “Mr. Ray­gun” as I used to write it. I didn’t like his pol­i­tics then, and I can hon­est­ly say I nev­er did warm to him. But (hey, here’s anoth­er nice thing I can say about him!) he nev­er polar­ized the nation the way George Bush has.

Rest in Peace.

Cover of the San Jose Mercury News is awesome

Yes, it is in regard to Reagan’s death, and yes, they had ten years to put it togeth­er, but this is the kind of gut­sy design that stokes my fire. It is hard to imag­ine, when you see the whole broad­sheet like this, but this is a news­pa­per, folks. Fold­ed in the mid­dle, sold on the street, I think this is real­ly cool. Kudos to the folks behind this design.

Found via [News­de­sign­er]


Okay, now I’m really employed

So, it took a while, and I’m told the hold up was the hol­i­day week­end, but I ma now the proud own­er of a start­ing date for my new job. Thurs­day. Human Resources at my new employ­er, Creighton Uni­ver­si­ty, took their sweet time with my back­ground check. Maybe it was my life over­seas, Madrid and Athens are both pret­ty hot but­ton top­ics right now. Maybe it was my draft card, after all. Or maybe it was some thor­ough (read uncon­cerned) employ­ee dot­ting his t’s and cross­ing his i’s.

In any case, I report to work at 8:00 am. I may not have a desk, I prob­a­bly won’t have a com­put­er, but I already have work to do (and sur­pris­ing­ly, I have been think­ing about it).

It feels good to be mak­ing mon­ey again, though that sounds so scrab­bling­ly crass. It may also feel good to be doing some­thing again, but I’ll have to wait and see. Employ­ment for the sake of being employed (or more poet­i­cal­ly, for the sake of feel­ing use­ful) has nev­er been my strong suit.