Shaving like a gay man

We watch a lot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo. Not so much lately, as we’ve been pretty busy, but TiVo keeps us in the loop. Anyhow, I have taken special note of the part where the gay guys scream and shudder when the straight guy shaves. It seems they want us to shave with the hair, not against it. And slowly.

So I resolved the try it. My normal shaving technique is to not. Shave, that is. Hence the beard. But now that I am working, and should look halfway respectable, I’ve begun to take it up again (no, I still have the beard, but now I’m shaving the non-beard parts on a more regular basis). I must confess that my shaving would send the gay guys into conniptions: fast, against the grain, with little regard for my safety or comfort.

I am trying the gay way now, and I must say, I am having mixed results. Shaving slowly gives me the heebies, I can feel each hair rasping across the blade and it doesn’t feel good. And shaving in the direction of the hair is nice and smooth, but does not give me a clean shave. I am always left with a short stubble that you can’t really see, but you can definitely feel. (My beard is fairly light, so since there isn’t a lot of face and neck stroking going on at work, I can probably get by with this amount of stubble.)

Any advice out there? I’m using three blades already, though I haven’t changed the blade recently. I’ll try that next.

The family that eats strange meat together…

I was born an Argentine, and somewhere on my passport (the expired Argentine one) it says in fine print that I must eat meat, or I’ll lose my citizenship. Argentines eat a lot of meat, and when it comes to the cow, they eat most of that, too. Empanadas (roughly translate as meat turnovers), blood sausage, beef kidneys, sweetbreads, stew, matambre (stuffed beef roll), and bone marrow on a cracker. Among others.

Tiffany, bless her, is a Midwestern girl when it comes to beef. She grew up with steak, usually on the grill, with some kind of sauce. On one of her first trips to meet my parents, she was offered the aforementioned bone marrow on a cracker. To her credit, she tried very hard to like it.

This all came to mind when, yesterday, I got her to try a little of the chicken liver that came with the whole chicken we were roasting. She knew she wouldn’t like it, and I knew she wouldn’t like it, but I like liver so much that I thought maybe she should try this particular bit of liver, and I can only imagine that she likes me so much that she thought maybe she would try this particular piece of liver. She bit it off and chewed and smiled and I came back inside. And a few seconds later she rushed in and spat it out into the sink.

I do love her so. She doesn’t need to eat all the strange meat I do.

I can always eat liver with her mother (or my family, but that’s a given).

Freedom will… um… uh…

Condi Rice gave George Bush a note today during a NATO meeting that said the Iraq handover had gone as planned, two days early. George Bush wrote at the top of the note:

Freedom will rain rein reign

Jon Stewart called it the world’s first “sneak retreat.” I find myself wondering if the Iraqis know that Bush has just hung them out to dry. When people die in Iraq from now on, the Bush Administration can say, and you can bet they will say, that it’s not their fault, because the country is being run by the Iraqis now.

Caller ID says it’s from Iraq, best not answer the phone, George.


Coolest thing I’ve found recently. SaverLab is a little, free program that lets you run a Mac OS X screensaver in a window, like an application. For a little over a year now, I’ve been running a screensaver over the Internet for our parents. They connect with their Mac OS X computers and select our screensaver, it downloads pictures of Aidan to their machines, and when they start their screensavers they get Aidan! When I update pictures, it automatically updates their computers, so they get only the most recent pictures of Aidan.

Very cool.

What SaverLab lets me do is have a window running that shows all those pictures of Aidan. I don’t have to put my computer to sleep to see them, I just have to look in the corner. I like it. A lot.

Just a sec: editing my own post for slanderous insensitivity

Please wait while I edit a previous post for slanderous insensitivity.

But really. I posted about an experience I had today, at work. The Internet is rife with examples of people getting fired (extreme result, yes) for posting about work on their blogs. For the most part they either work(ed) for huge, monolithic, head-up-their-butt companies (see: guy who got fired by Microsoft for posting photos of their loading dock), or they totally rip on their boss and their boss’ dog Fluffy.

I had an experience where someone I think is representative of much of the country made a comment I just could not believe, it was so dumb. I wrote a post that explained the circumstances, the comment, and my reaction to it.

My original post did not hide the fact that I worked, and that this experience took place at work, and while this was not within my work context, nor with the clientele I work with… well, I can see that as a representative of the place I work (you all read earlier posts in this blog, right? Is it too late to be vague now?) I should maybe just shut the hell up. After all, a potential client might see me ripping on some poor innocent I met in the company cafeteria, and decide they don’t want to take the same risk, taking their business elsewhere. I can understand that this would be a bad outcome, which is why I edited the post in question to remove any trace of my work environment. I just abstracted it all to pieces. I hope it still makes sense.

And yet.

Stupid people deserve to be called on being stupid, although not in a slanderous way (unless they are our #$@!%!! President).

I’m a really nice, reasonable guy.

I spend almost half my waking hours at work, and I’m not supposed to blog about it?!!

There are probably better things to do, I just have to find them.

Plant a money tree!

This entry was originally posted with a lot more detail. Then Tiffany read it, and suggested I might want to be fuzzier about who, what, when and where with regards to my employer. Read about my thoughts on this here. On to the post.

Tiffany and I have a lot of money in investments. We were pretty dedicated investors before we had Aidan (well, before we got pregnant, in any case) and we hope to get back to it, but the very least we alsways made sure we did was fully fund our employer contribution retirement funds. We put in $x per month, and our employers put in $2x, or $1.8x or something. I mean really, it’s free, before-tax money. Like planting a money tree.

Today I heard someone, in all seriousness, suggest that because her brother lost all his money by putting it in stock options at the company he worked for (which tanked), “this is like, no better than playing the slots, right?” She was serious, and I don’t think she’s changing her mind. To her, investing means taking a huge gamble with all your money. If that’s the only experience she has, of course she’s going to sock it all away under the mattress.

I am seriously worried about my generation when we get to retirement age. I know I’ll be fine, but I think the vast majority of people my age will be S.O.L. Which doesn’t mean Sure Of Liquidity.

So Reagan died

Not sure how I feel about Ronald Reagan dying this weekend. Okay, that’s not true. I know how I feel, I’m just not sure how much of it is seemly to tell.

I’m relieved for his family, who can finally rest after having to watch him deteriorate so slowly and painfully. I’m sad that someone has died, just in general terms. But the best thing I can say about Ronald Reagan himself is that, at least he didn’t blow us all to Hell. Though I do believe he certainly came close. Closer than anyone, except possibly George W. Bush, but the jury is still out on that one.

I was 10 years old when Jimmy Carter lost to “Mr. Raygun” as I used to write it. I didn’t like his politics then, and I can honestly say I never did warm to him. But (hey, here’s another nice thing I can say about him!) he never polarized the nation the way George Bush has.

Rest in Peace.

Cover of the San Jose Mercury News is awesome

Yes, it is in regard to Reagan’s death, and yes, they had ten years to put it together, but this is the kind of gutsy design that stokes my fire. It is hard to imagine, when you see the whole broadsheet like this, but this is a newspaper, folks. Folded in the middle, sold on the street, I think this is really cool. Kudos to the folks behind this design.

Found via [Newsdesigner]


Okay, now I’m really employed

So, it took a while, and I’m told the hold up was the holiday weekend, but I ma now the proud owner of a starting date for my new job. Thursday. Human Resources at my new employer, Creighton University, took their sweet time with my background check. Maybe it was my life overseas, Madrid and Athens are both pretty hot button topics right now. Maybe it was my draft card, after all. Or maybe it was some thorough (read unconcerned) employee dotting his t’s and crossing his i’s.

In any case, I report to work at 8:00 am. I may not have a desk, I probably won’t have a computer, but I already have work to do (and surprisingly, I have been thinking about it).

It feels good to be making money again, though that sounds so scrabblingly crass. It may also feel good to be doing something again, but I’ll have to wait and see. Employment for the sake of being employed (or more poetically, for the sake of feeling useful) has never been my strong suit.