I think it went well

I have returned from my interview at Creighton (hello Creighton people!) and I am pretty happy. Despite Aidan throwing up in the car while Tiffany took him to daycare. I feel awful about that. But happy about my interview.

For AT people: it’s a small group, much smaller than AT, but they do much the same kind of work. Given how much I loved my work at Iowa, I think I’d really like working there. They have a Bb server (recently switched from Bb/WebCT to Bb-only) and train faculty and offer consulting and do more work than they should be able to do given their numbers (sound familiar?). I enjoyed my interview, and hope they will call me back for the second round.

I think one of the things I liked best was that they’d had some water leaks recently, and they had equipment and boxes piled in the halls and the conference room… the interviewer apologized a couple of times for the mess, but shrugged it off with a grin. It was comforting in that “we’re not so polished that we can’t laugh at ourselves” kind of way that I appreciated about AT.

Think happy, lucky thoughts my way, I would be very excited to work there.

I got an interview!

Hey, good news on the work front. I have been asked to interview at Creighton for the Instructional Design job I applied for. My interview is next week, and I am pretty excited about it. I hope I do well, and I (naturally) hope i get the job. I have a lot of experience doing the kinds of thing they were looking for in their ad, so I am feeling good. More as this develops.


Since her performance on Wednesday, Fantasia’s rendition of Summertime has gotten a lot of notice. Three bloggers I frequent admitted that they watch American Idol by way of praising her. Now I’m looking for a video version of her performance. We’ll see if the Internet delivers.

Give that girl a contract [updated]

First off, yes, I watch American Idol and like it. It is the quintessential guilty pleasure. But enough about me.

Last night, one of the contestants, Fantasia Barrino, sang Gershwin’s Summertime and it was amazing. After the show (after watching her sing it twice, thanks to the wonders of TiVo) we went downstairs and listened to our copy of Ella and Louis doing the same song. Also good, but Fantasia’s version was something stellar.

Where Ella’s voice is buttery and smooth, Fantasia’s was soulful and real. The Ella and Louis version evokes in me images of slow summer, warm, languid, with people in sun hats and Sunday dress. Fantasia’s version made me think of Brooklyn brownstones and hot days, summer with a little grit of sand and sweat. It was a fresh, original take on the song, and now that I have found it online, you can enjoy it, too.

Fantasia Barrino singing Summertime

Applied for my old job last week

Sounds odd, and it feels odd, too. I didn’t apply for my old job, exactly. I applied for a job that sounds exactly like my old job when I applied for it.

I dropped off my cover letter and resume to Creighton University for a job as an Instructional Designer with their Information Technology group, helping faculty put course materials online.

When I applied for my old job at the University of Iowa (almost five years ago now), it was as a Computer Consultant for Information Technology Services helping faculty learn to use technology.

I am somewhat hopeful that they will at least offer me an interview.

Under the Tuscan Sun

A surprisingly delightful movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. I’ve had a thing for Diane Lane since seeing her in Jack, on some airplane trip. But then I saw half of her critically acclaimed performance in Unfaithful and couldn’t really stand her. Not sure why. And it turned me off of her. I kept thinking that I’d like to see her in something, but I couldn’t quite shake her character from that movie. I needed to see her in something completely different.

When Tuscan Sun came out, it seemed like a piffle of a movie (it is) with no good reason to be seen. Turns out it’s a delightful piffle, with a charmingly retro/only-in-the-movies opinion of Italy mixed with a nineties gay-is-the-new-sidekick flair that works. And Diane Lane comes off as a somewhat weary but winning, wiser than she was, modern American woman. Amidst gay sidekicks and retro/sexist Italians.

Unfortunately, it didn’t bring me back the old Diane Lane, so much as show me a different one. One I’m not so enamored of. She’s nice, and pretty, but still too stressed. I want to see her playing a Reese Witherspoon role. Something where her character only has to emote on the most surface of levels. I know, I know, I do her acting abilities a disservice.

Anyway, the movie was better than I thought it would be.

Something’s Gotta Give

We rented Something’s Gotta Give a couple of weeks back, with very low expectations. For some reason, all through Oscar Season, neither Tiffany nor I could get up the interest to watch it. Another Jack show. Diane Keaton never has rung my bell. Amanda Peet really doesn’t do anything for me.

Sure, lots of folks were telling us it was good. The critical acclaim was strong. But it took us a long time ot come around. And now we have.

The movie is cuter than we thought, with prettier people (wow, that house was something else!), better guest stars (Frances McDormand, Jon Favreau, and Starsky!), a more interesting plot (they have sex pretty early on as these formulas go), and on-screen instant messaging that could actually be real!

It may have been a little long, and the Paris thing was a bit overmuch, but still, worthy of your time and money.