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  • Why do you need a gun? Edited.

    In the wake of the shootings of television reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Andy Ward by some asshole, there has been a renewed vigor to the gun control safety debate. I have been taking advantage of this by asking people on Facebook (an excellent venue for thoughtful discussion,

  • September 11

    Today is my birthday. I share it with a national tragedy. I like to acknowledge both. For the birthday, I share it with my friends and family. For the other, I share it here. On the day I turned thirty-one, terrorists killed 3,000 people in the United States. It was

  • SXSW 2014 Cover Art is Posted

    I have just posted this year’s album art for SXSW, the Music festival in Austin in eleven days. But all is not well. SXSW has offered one track from each artist as a download (as a .torrent) since at least 2005. According to the Unofficial SXSW Torrents site, while there