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From the blog

  • 2020 Draft!

    I’m admittedly a bit of a political junkie (and it’s my day job!) but I found this much very amusing. Like a sports show, but about politics! Also, I’m not against an Al Franken presidency. Source: Our Way-Too-Early 2020 Democratic Primary Draft | FiveThirtyEight

  • Time lapse at sea is really beautiful

    I could do with both less captioned commentary and more actual commentary. The captions take away from the experience, but the commentary really enhances it. First world problems.

    Hat tip: Kottke

  • My wife

    My wife, Tiffany, is having a birthday today. It’s been a hell of a year, for a lot of reasons, mostly good, but you know how reasons are, lots of gray in with the black and white. So on the occasion of her birthday, I wanted to remind her